Monday, November 21, 2011

The Child:
I completed another  photograph, for this entry I wanted to talk about the compositional inspiration.
The composition is based on a Renaissance painting, the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. I used the painting as inspiration to construct the photographic elements.
Everyone waiting for me to load my camera

Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth

The setup for the shot
This photograph is based on an event that happened two summers ago, a father and his son were crossing the street when a semi came barreling down Ashland Ave and hit and killed them both.  The photograph is of the mother's reaction as she came looking for her son and husband.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amanda's costume test:
Amanda will be in two or three shots for the series, the first is an outdoor scene where the characters witness a child being hit my a semi. 

Rebecca's Needle-point:
The needle-point that Rebecca  is working on in each of the photographs is used to mark time.

The Kitchen Scene:
This photograph takes the mundane act of making breakfast into a scene that comments on the gender rolls within Mexican society. 

The Shot setup: A mother cooking breakfast

Abdi: one of the magical real characters for this series

Kevin the production manager making sure everything is perfect

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Arrival: Low Res test scan
I processed the three rolls of film from my first shoot, they came out great below is a low res scan 

The Arrival:
yesterday marked the official start of my new series, this first photograph is titled the arrival and I am glad that I decided to start with this photograph.  The inspiration comes for watching this bus that arrives for Mexico to Chicago. 

My friend Mieke is documenting the process for this blog and my website that I am currently working on.  Mieke thank you helping me.

Walking to the location

Rebbecca and Abdi coming down my stairs

Getting women characters in position

Sara and Adrian


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Costume Test: Sara Cortez
Gearing up for the first photograph that will be happening on Oct 23, 2011, Sara came in for her final costume.

Photo Concept/Inspiration:
About twice a day there is a bus down the street from my house that arrives from Mexico dropping and picking up passengers. I watched this bus arrive most days on my walk of the neighborhood, I would stop and watch people get off a couple one day caught my attention.

They walked away from the bus holding bags that looked held all their possessions; this was a one way trip for them. They had this hopeful look in their eyes; they were about the live there American dream. I Think about that couple and wonder what happened to them. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rebecca's makeup test and final fitting
Nina worked on Rebecca's makeup, but we are going to need to make some adjustments.  This look will have to be locked down before we start the first photograph which is about a week from now. 

Nina starting the makeup test

Nina working Rebecca's makeup

Rebecca in her full costume

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Abdi Makeup Test and final costume fitting:
Nina came on Sunday to do the first makeup test, while I did a final fitting of the costumes.

Nina working on the makeup

Abdi getting her hair worked on

Abdi final costume

Costume test:Adrian
I am getting close to taking the first photo, Adrian will be in this first shot.

Inspiration for photo
Down the street from my house is a bus that travels between Mexico and Chicago.  This photo is a comment on that bus ride. 

Adrian trying on the part of his costume for the first shoot

Adrian in his full costume.  Still need to find belt and shoes

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Production crew:
I am pulling the old gang back together, Kevin Hanna has agreed to come on board as the production manger.  Allie is our assistant she will be doing a little bit of everything form setting up lights, dressing the models and help the makeup artists (Allie you are awsome).  We have also added two new people Nina is out makeup artist, and Mieke will be our photographer who will take production shot as we all work on the project.

Allie fixing the dresses while we see if the color scheme is working for the women

Abdi trying on her costume

First Fitting Notes and Thoughts:
For this series like my previous series I will be incorporating two magical real characters, that will be inserted into each photograph.  My initial inspiration for the women characters was the painting of the two Frida's, but as I continued to think about it, I wanted these women to represent two things that most Mexican families hold onto; history and culture.

Rebbecca and Abdi are the two magical real characters I will be using for the first seven photographs I am working on. 

Rebbecca is trying on the skirt I am making for her costume.